Sustainable Investment Management

In order to achieve the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement the rapid and complete decarbonization of the economy is a requirement. 

Meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement – including a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 - from 1990 levels - requires additional investments of around €180 billion per year from the EU’s perspective. The finance sector plays a key role in this, as it could potentially make large sums of private capital available for sustainable investments. UNIQA considers itself obliged to ensure its responsible and sustainable management of investments. 

We are convinced that a sustainable investment strategy can be economically successful in the long term and represent a positive addition to the classic investment goals of "return", "security" and "liquidity". Social and ecological criteria in the context of the investment decision are not a moral issue for us, but economically required. Our reputation with customers, the loyalty of qualified employees and corruption-free business structures are also economic success factors for companies, countries and their investors.  

Sustainability criteria do not replace the proven instruments of classic asset management, but they complement them in a beneficial way. With an Investment policy aligned to ESG criteria, i.e. taking account of environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, UNIQA is making a key contribution to sustainability and protecting the climate. 

In late 2020 we signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and are continually incorporating these into our investment process.