UNIQA Business Values


Our business values drive all our actions and are the foundation of what we do. Employees have a lasting influence on the corporate culture through their behavior, their communication style and their own values.

Our mission is to support our customers every day to live safer, better and longer.

we inspire

We are interested in and devoted to our customers and colleagues. We know and understand their needs and inspire them. We motivate and support our colleagues.


We act proactively and set standards in the insurance sector with intelligent solutions. As part of the UNIQA team we want to develop our strengths and are ready to learn and grow.


Our conducts both within the company and with other parties are open and transparent. We supply our performance reliably, because we appreciate our customers and colleagues. There is no hidden agenda.


As part of the UNIQA team, we want to provide top performance and services for our clients. We always keep our promises.