UNIQA plans to issue Subordinated Notes (Tier 2) in a benchmark volume of at least EUR 500 million

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UNIQA Insurance Group AG (UNIQA), with its business address in 1029 Vienna, Untere Donaustra├če 21, plans to issue Subordinated Notes (Tier 2) in benchmark-size of at least EUR 500 million. The issue is intended to be finalized in the coming weeks, following a roadshow in Europe and subject to market conditions.

The offer of the new Subordinated Notes (Tier 2) will be addressed to institutional investors in Europe.

Disclaimer regarding forward looking statements
To the extent that this announcement contains forward looking statements, such statements are assumptions based on all information presently available to UNIQA. If the assumed circumstances do not occur, the actual future events may differ from the forward looking statements in relation to future developments of UNIQA. Therefore, we cannot accept any liability for such statements.

The following securities of UNIQA have been admitted to trading on a regulated market in a member state of the European Economic Area:

Issue title:                                             ISIN:                              Trading segment:
Share                                                   AT0000821103              Vienna Stock Exchange, Prime Market
UNIQA subordinated Bond 13-43        XS0808635436              Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Regulated Market

Vienna, 1. June 2015

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