Two companies in Romania are part of the UNIQA Group: UNIQA Asigurari, Bucharest, and UNIQA Asigurari de Viata, Bucharest.

Key data 2013

Insurance policies:  629.629
Employees: 1,081
Market share: life assurance: 0.36 % / non-life-assurance: 8,44 % / overall: 6,86 %
Market position: life assurance: 17 / non-life-assurance: 5 / overall: 5

UNIQA Asigurari, Bucharest

Romanian company UNITA VIG was acquired in full at the end of 2008.
The company was established in Timişoara in 1990, making it the first private insurance company in Romania. Life assurance products have been offered since 1991, while the company has provided composite insurance since 1996.

Management Board

Florin Golovatic (CEO)
Franz Weiler
Nicolae Ani 


25, Nicolae Caramfil Street
Bucharerst,14141, Romania
Phone: +40 21 212 0882
Fax: +40 21 212 0843

UNIQA Asigurari de viata, Bucharest

Since the establishment of UNIQA Asigurari de viata (life assurance) in 2010, UNIQA has, for the first time, been able to add life assurance to its portfolio for the Romanian market. 
Its Romanian customers benefit from the UNIQA Group’s many years of international experience and insurance products tailored precisely to the local market, which are ideally suited to meeting needs for protection, saving and investment.

Management Board

Remus Lăpu­şan (CEO)
Paul Cazacu 
Wolf-Christoph Gerlach


25, Nicolae Caramfil Street
Bucharerst,14141, Romania
Phone: +40 21 313 79 93 
Fax: +40 21 313 79 85