Customers & Products

An insurance company must provide security and actively support customers. Our customers expect safeguards appropriate to their life situations against risks that could potentially result in losses in the future. We therefore support them in preventing damage and loss – with easy customer-friendly communication, short communication channels and rapid processing when there is a claim. When supporting customers, this requires us to think and act from the customer’s point of view at all times. 

The alignment of our products and services with sustainability criteria plays an important role in UNIQA’s customer orientation, enabling us to specifically support customers in living sustainably and running a more and more sustainable value chain. We are continuing the execution of our "Statement on Decarbonisation" Statement of Decarbonisation towards 2025, putting our effort to gradually stop doing business with companies that use coal to produce electricity and accompany them through their transition ambition. 

Customer Centricity Index

Our Customer Centricity Index (CCI) has provided a structured way to make our customers’ voices heard at existing and new customer touchpoints. This is a proven method we can use to permanently align our mission-critical product, sales, claim/benefit, service and brand efforts even more with our customers’ needs. We applied the design-thinking method and developed personas, which also reflect on sustainability preferences. 

Product development

We ascertain the potential added value to our customers using a direct customer survey before developing each new product. 

A modular product architecture enables us to be flexible in developing products quickly and meeting individual customer needs. Currently, we are reworking our homeowner/household and our telematics products to align with this approach while at the same time expanding our range of services. 

Aligning our product and customer policies with ESG criteria is a key factor for our future. This is why we are increasingly offering sustainable investment opportunities to our customers and expanding the corresponding range of insurance products we offer. We are implementing this sustainable approach even beyond the insurance segment in the product development process.