Announcement according to article 93 BörseG with the aim of a Europe-wide distribution, 2016-01-28

By letter dated 26 January 2016 Lazard Asset Management LLC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, 10112 NY, USA ("Lazard") informed UNIQA Insurance Group AG (commercial registry number 92933t, "UNIQA") pursuant to §§ 91 subpara 1 in connection with 92 no 6 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act as follows: 

Effective as at 26 January 2016 Lazard holds voting rights in UNIQA attributable to it of 11,397,691, corresponding to 3.69% of the voting rights in UNIQA. Thereby the shareholding has fallen below the relevant threshold pursuant to § 91 subpara 1 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act of 4%.

Lazard held 12,371,657 voting rights in UNIQA to date, which represented a shareholding of 4.004% of the voting rights (publication on 15 January 2015).

Vienna, 28. January 2016