Earnings figures for the third quarter 2013:
UNIQA is well on track - earnings and premiums further increased

  • Premiums written increased by 8.2 per cent to 4,447.3 million euros
  • Combined ratio improves from 101.0 per cent to 98.8 per cent
  • Profit on ordinary activities growth of 74.7 per cent to 266.3 million euros
  • Consolidated net profit up 124.4 per cent to 209.7 million euros
  • Anticipated profit from ordinary activities of around 300 million euros for 2013 as a whole — excluding one-off effects

In the first nine months of 2013, the UNIQA Group (UNIQA) increased its profit on ordinary activities (EBT) by 74.7 per cent to 266.3 million euros (1 – 9/2012: 152.4 million euros). This figure includes the profit from the sale of hotel holdings amounting to 51.6 million euros.
Consolidated net profit (after taxes and minority interests) increased by 139.5 per cent to 223.8 million euros (1 – 9/2012: 93.5 million euros).

Premiums written including the savings portion of unit- and index-linked life insurance increased by 8.2 per cent to 4,447.3 million euros (1 – 9/2012: 4,112.1 million euros). The Group cost ratio after reinsurance fell to 23.1 per cent (1 – 9/2012: 24.8 per cent). The combined ratio in property and casualty insurance after reinsurance improved to 98.8 per cent (1 – 9/2012: 101.0 per cent.  The adjusted return on equity (ROE) after taxes and minority interests amounted to 12.6 per cent (1 – 9/2012: 9.8 per cent).
Based on current assessments, UNIQA Group anticipates a profit from ordinary activities of around € 300 million for 2013 as a whole, not including non-recurring items such as the sale of the hotel holding. This assumes that there will be no significant setbacks on the capital markets in the remaining weeks of the year and that no extraordinary losses will occur as a result of natural disasters.

Clause regarding predictions about the future:
This notification contains statements which refer to the future development of the UNIQA Group. These statements present estimations which were reached upon the basis of all of the information available to us at the present time. If the assumptions on which they are based do not occur, the actual events may vary from the results currently expected. As a result, no guarantee can be provided for the information given.

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Vienna, 14. November 2013