Supplier Onboarding Process

Communication with our suppliers runs via SAP Ariba. In order to establish a trading relationship with UNIQA, you must register on SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba benefits

The SAP Business Network is the transaction platform that facilitates the exchange of electronic business documents (e.g. orders, order confirmations, invoices). These are the concrete advantages:

  • orders and invoices are managed electronically
  • timely payments to suppliers
  • immediate confirmation of payment when submitting invoices for suppliers
  • lower operational costs for suppliers 
  • reduced paper consumption 
  • suppliers can view invoice payment status directly on the Ariba Network. Optionally, e-mail notifications about the invoice status are also possible 


Supplier Registration Process

The commision is placed exclusively via a direct contractual relationship consisting of:

  • Existing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Framework agreement or at least individual order with acceptance of the UNIQA General Terms and Conditions  
  • Awarding of contracts through a tender

Registration in SAP Ariba

There are two types of accounts available for registering in SAP Ariba: the free standard account and the paid enterprise account.

Standard Account

The standard account features a simple e-mail solution for suppliers to process transactions with UNIQA. Because it's available to suppliers for free, unlike the Enterprise account, Ariba's functionality and support are limited. For example, suppliers can only view the last 50 orders made, but catalogs managed by the supplier themselves also receive limited support. Therefore, the standard account is particularly suitable for suppliers with low spending and transaction volumes. A high level of technical ability is also not a requirement here.

Enterprise Account

The Enterprise account is characterized by regular contributions. After paying a subscription and transaction fee, suppliers receive all Ariba Network functionalities that enable them and the UNIQA requesters to have an E2E view of the procurement process. In addition, the Enterprise account includes 24/5 support, insight into confirmations and invoices, as well as catalogs and a unified system for tracking all transactions. Both suppliers with high spending and transaction volumes and catalog suppliers can benefit from the Enterprise Account. In order to use an Enterprise account, suppliers should have the highest possible level of technical skills.