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First Call Date

Maturity Date

EUR 500 mil 6.000% Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes; ISIN XS1117293107

Jul 2015 / EUR 326 mil




EUR 200 mil 3.250% Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes; ISIN XS2199567970; Green Bond

Jul 2020 / EUR 200 mil


09.07.2025 - 09.10.2025


EUR 600 mil 1.375% Senior Unsecured Notes; ISIN XS2199604096

Jul 2020 / EUR 600 mil


09.04.2030 - 09.07.2030


EUR 375 mil 2.375% Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes; ISIN XS2418392143; Green Bond

Dec 2021 / EUR 375 mil


09.06.2031 - 09.12.2031


Bond-issue 2021

Bond-issue 2020

The Austrian Eco-label ("Österreichische Umweltzeichen") was awarded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology (BMK) for the UNIQA Greenbond and its framework on 24.9.2020 (UW 1360) because, in addition to economic criteria, ecological and social criteria are also taken into account when selecting eligible green assets or projects financed by means of Green Bonds. The eco-label ensures that these criteria and their implementation are suitable for selecting appropriate shares/bonds/participation certificates or real estate, projects or forms of investment. This has been independently verified. The eco-label award does not represent an economic evaluation and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the future performance of the financial product.

Subordinated Notes 6% 27-07-2046