Environmental measures

Green Mobility support scheme

With this measure, UNIQA is introducing 12 environmentally friendly mobility criteria throughout the Group, all covered by a measurable points system. Points are recorded in an internal report for various measures depending on their impact. Possible activities include offers to employees for training courses in energy-efficient driving or electric charging points for electric bikes and cars belonging to employees. There are also points for the use of videoconferencing facilities to cut down on business trips and the appointment of an internal “climate manager”.

Smart mobility

It doesn’t always have to be an upper mid-range car. The smart mobility project – the “green company car” – has been developed by UNIQA to manage the company car fleet in an environmentally conscious way. The goal is to provide transport according to need. Where appropriate, UNIQA employees also make use of an electric car from time to time.


The UNIQA Tower in Vienna meets and exceeds the latest requirements for energy efficiency and climate protection. Heat pumps reduce CO2 emissions by 84 tonnes per year. Geothermal energy provides 33% of the building’s heating and cooling. A cooling ceiling on all office floors helps with static and convective cooling. These and other facts led to the UNIQA Tower being awarded the EU GreenBuilding label, the Bauherrenpreis architectural award and the 2008 Facility Prize.

Sustainable insurance products

UNIQA offers insurance solutions that reward environmentally conscious behaviour. For example, customers who can produce an annual pass for the Verbund public transport network can save three months of premiums when they purchase a Raiffeisen third-party liability or comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.
With UNIQA SafeLine vehicle insurance, UNIQA offers a unique safety service whilst rewarding environmentally friendly – i.e. reduced – vehicle use at the same time. 
The vehicle is equipped with a special safety system (the SafeLiner) that calls for immediate assistance at the vehicle’s location in the event of an accident or emergency, and can also help relocate the vehicle if it is stolen.
The system also measures the distance driven and transmits the overall statistics to UNIQA, also identifying whether the vehicle is travelling on urban, rural or motorway routes. This makes it possible to offer flexible premiums to infrequent drivers. In addition, individual CO2 emissions can be calculated according to mileage statistics. Those who drive little reduce their CO2 emissions, and can also see their third-party liability and comprehensive insurance premiums fall by up to 25%.
One final example: in cooperation with our partner Volkswagen Insurance Services, we offer a premium discount of 10% when you buy an insurance policy for one of VW’s BlueMotion models.

Financial products

With unit-linked life insurance, UNIQA offers its customers the option of investing the premiums they pay in sustainability funds.

Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative

UNIQA is a founding member of the Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative, which was launched in 2007 to promote a sustainable model for business and social activity. More information can be found at: (German only).

Climate protection manual

The climate protection manual provides information for our employees and specific tips and suggestions for reducing environmental impact in everyday personal and professional life.

Electricity reduction competition

In this competition, UNIQA is calling on employees to measure electricity consumption in their households for a whole year. The winner is whoever achieves the greatest reduction in his or her personal electricity consumption within one year.

Waste management systems

At the top of the EU’s five-point waste hierarchy is prevention. We are also committed to conscious prevention of waste – hence the slogan “think before print”, for example. Although we are aware that even in future, it will not be possible to achieve a 100% paper-free office, we nonetheless intend to come as close as possible to this noble aim through such means as electronic document flow and electronic insurance policies. We also practise separate waste collection.