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UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Untere Donaustraße 21
A-1029 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0) 50677-670
Fax: +43 (0) 50677-676

Legal form of the company: Joint-stock company based in Vienna
Commercial register number: 92933t
Commercial register court: Commercial court Vienna
UID: ATU 15363103
FATCA: Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): GMPXWL.00000.LE.040
Further information to FATCA is to be found under Compliance.

The W-8BEN-E forms for all UNIQA companies is to be found under Download Center

The company is member of the Austrian Federel Economic Chamber, the Viennese Economic Chamber and the Austrian Association of Insurance Companies.

Supervisory authority for insurances:
Austrian financial market authority (Finanzmarktaufsichtsbehörde)
Otto-Wagner-Platz 5
A-1090 Vienna.

Company Objectives

1. The company is engaged in both direct insurance and reinsurance and all types of business related to these when the insurance regulatory authority has given its approval.
2. The company´s objectives are also (taking § 3, sub-section 3 of the Insurance Control Act into consideration):
a) participation in other enterprises;
b) insurance brokerage;
c) the brokering of both mortgage and personal loans and the purchase and sale of securities when these activities are associated with the conclusion and brokering of insurance deals;
d) the arrangement of building society loans; 
e) services in automatic data processing and information technology; 
f) the setting up and running of organizational facilities serving insurance firms which have signed a cooperation agreement with the company, as well as all affiliated enterprises;  
g) the implementation of administrative tasks for firms which are associated with the company in a group;  
h) the relinquishment of staff to businesses in which the company either directly or indirectly owns a share and which render services to the company or members of its group.  

Management Board

Dr Andreas Brandstetter, Chairman/CEO
Dr Peter Eichler
Mag Wolf Gerlach
Dr Peter Humer
Dr Wolfgang Kindl
DI René Knapp
Dr Erik Leyers
Dr Klaus Pekarek
Mag Kurt Svoboda

Supervisory Board:

Dr Walter Rothensteiner (Chairman)
Dr Christian Kuhn (1st Vice Chairman)
Dr Johann Strobl (2nd Vice Chairman) 
Dr Burkhard Gantenbein (3rd Vice Chairman) 
Dr Markus Andréewitch
Mag Marie-Valerie Brunner
Anna Maria D'Hulster
Dr Elgar Fleisch
Mag Martin Grüll
Ass iur Jutta Kath

Assigned by the Central Employee Council:
Sabine Andre
Peter Gattinger
Heinrich Kames
Harald Kindermann
Irene Scheiber

Shareholders in Media Proprietor


UNIQA Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung (Gruppe) 49.0%

UNIQA Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung 7.7%
1020 Vienna, Untere Donaustraße 25
FN 94598s at Commercial court Vienna
Trustor: Austria Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit
Beneficiary: Policyholder of UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG
Management Board:
Dr Andreas Brandstetter (Chairman)
Dr Peter Eichler
Dr Harald Weiser
Supervisory Board:
Drr Christian Kuhn (Chairman)
Dr Georg Winckler (Vice Chairman)
Dr Ernst Burger
Dr Burkhard Gantenbein
DDr Eduard Lechner
Dr Johanna Rachinger
Dr Walter Rothensteiner

Austria Versicherungsverein Beteiligungs-Verwaltungs GmbH 41.3%
1020 Vienna, Untere Donaustraße 25
FN 266947w at Commercial court Vienna 
Management Board:
Dr Andreas Brandstetter
Dr Peter Eichler
Dr Harald Weiser

RZB Versicherungsbeteiligung GmbH 10.9%

1030 Vienna, Am Stadtpark 9
FN 217072z at Commercial court Vienna
Management Board:
Mag Michael Jüly
Mag Thomas Muchar

Collegialität Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung 2.5%

1020 Wien, Untere Donaustraße 25
FN 75733y at Commercial court Vienna
Management Board:
Mag Manfred Schuster (Chairman)
Dr Josef Schmid
Mag Martin Koliander
Supervisory Board:
Dr Markus Andreewitch (Chairman)
Dr Norbert Griesmayr (Vice Chairman)
Mag Bernhard Breunlich
Mag Veronika Mickel-Göttfert
Mag Matthäus Thun-Hohenstein

Company owned share holdings 0.7%

Free float 36.9%

The company's shares are listed.

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  • Information about the products and services of the companies comprising the UNIQA Group.
  • Information on the topics of economics, insurance, health and health insurance.
  • Information and links leading to the products and services of the companies belonging to the UNIQA Group.

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