UNIQA poist’ovňa, a.s., Bratislava

UNIQA poist’ovňa, a.s. was established in 1990 and has been a UNIQA Group company since 1991. UNIQA poist’ovňa, a.s. is one of the leading insurance companies in Slovakia. The company offers private and corporate customers all standard personal and property insurance solutions.
UNIQA in Slovakia has its own nationwide sales network with customer offices and general agencies. In addition, UNIQA SK co-operates with all major insurance brokers on the Slovak market.

Key data 2018

Insurance policies: 737,396
Employees: 324
Market share: life assurance: 3,2 % / non-life-assurance: 7,9 % / overall: 5,6 %
Market position: life assurance: 9 / non-life-assurance: 4 / overall: 4    

Management Board 

Martin Záček (CEO) 
Wolfgang Friedl (CSO)
Lucie Urválková (CFO)
Martin Rotkovský (CITO)
Rastislav Havran (COO)


Krasovského 15 
SK – 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 5788 3211