The UNIQA Group is represented in Ukraine by two companies: UNIQA Insurance and UNIQA Life Insurance Company (both Kyiv).

Key data 2019

Insurance policies: 1,132,756
Employees: 830

Market share: life assurance: 18.8 % / non-life-assurance: 4.5 % / overall: 5.7 %
Market position: life assurance: 2 / non-life-assurance: 2 / overall: 1   

UNIQA Insurance, Kyiv

UNIQA Insurance has been a member of UNIQA Group since 2006. Before April 2010, the company traded as Credo-Classic Insurance Company. The company was established on 10 February 1994 and offers all forms of non-life insurance on the Ukrainian market.
UNIQA Insurance is now one of the Top-5 insurance companies in Ukraine and currently has a nationwide sales network.
The company offers more than 90 different insurance products in Ukraine and holds 30 licences issued by the Ukrainian financial market authority.

Board of Management

Olena Uljee (CEO)
Tamás Rajnai (CSO)
Olena Markova (CITO)


6B, O.Teligy str.
Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 225 60 00
Fax: +380 44 225 60 02

UNIQA Life, Kyiv

Listed company UNIQA Life Insurance Company was established on 14 July 2006 and specializes in the life assurance business. UNIQA Life is affiliated with UNIQA Insurance, Kiev, and a member of UNIQA Group.
UNIQA Life is a member of the INSUROPE Multinational Benefits Association and is its exclusive representative in Ukraine.

Management Board

Vladimir Simonchuk (CEO)
Olena Uljee (CFO)
Olena Markova (CITO)
Tamás Rajnai, (CSO)


6B, O.Teligy str.
Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 225 60 06
Fax: +380 44 225 60 07