Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to contact us at, if any question remained open.

What is the SAP Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network (AN) is an online platform to facilitate the relationship between the customer and the supplier. The Ariba Network allows you to receive orders and send various documents and track the status of documents (order acknowledgments, shipping notes, invoices). Deviations are minimized because the billing data is confirmed in advance. The AN is used by many other companies which means it is not a DSM specific tool. Suppliers have many opportunities to communicate with the help of the AN. Invoices can be sent via PO flip (manually entered on the website). Furthermore, with Enterprise accounts it is also possible to upload invoices as a CSV file, PDF file or via EDI integration via Cxml or EDIFACT formats. Ariba Network offers suppliers a wide range of solutions and services to manage business transactions and content via a web browser or electronically via cXML. Being part of the Ariba Network enables suppliers to win additional business from existing and new customers. 

More information about the the Ariba Network you can find here.

What is the scope of the SAP Ariba project within UNIQA?

In the course of the project, all group-wide suppliers are included in SAP Ariba to ensure standardised and transparent communication.

When is the SAP Ariba project Go-Live? 

Each go-live date is communicated by UNIQA in good time. All transactions including accounting must be processed via the SAP Business Network by the end of 2023 at the latest.

How do suppliers register with the Ariba Network?

If you choose to work with UNIQA, you must register with the Ariba network.

  • For suppliers invited to an Enterprise account: Ariba will send a commercial relationship request to the suppliers prior to going live. 
  • For suppliers who have been invited to a Standard account: The first order contains a direct link to register in the network. 

You want to find out more about the Standard and Enterprise account? Click here.

Can a company have multiple accounts?

Your company can have multiple Ariba accounts based on your business needs. For example, if your business has multiple locations around the world, separate accounts for each region are beneficial. Each supplier entity may have separate Ariba accounts to conduct business. 

If you choose to create more than one account, please note that you will only have one account administrator for each account. However, account admins can grant multiple users access to the account. All users in your company have their own username and password to access the account.

What are "integrated suppliers"?

Integrated suppliers are suppliers who have automated document exchange between their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the Ariba network. The Ariba Network Enterprise account provides the ability to integrate with your back-end ERP system for automatic exchange of electronic documents. At least a Silver subscription package is required to implement this integration. The Silver subscription package is ideal for suppliers who process between 25 and 99 documents in a year.

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