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"Insurance sales is all about trust"

16.11.2023 6 minutes reading time

Insurance jobs are often said to be boring. In this interview, Peter Humer, Member of the Management Board for Customer & Market Austria at UNIQA, dispels this preconception and talks to us about the many facets of insurance sales, the importance of trust and why he believes regional ties are the key to success.

Dear Peter Humer, insurance companies are still sometimes said to be dusty and boring. What is the truth of this prejudice? 

Peter Humer: After many years in the industry, I can only disagree - it's certainly never boring in our job. On the contrary: sales in particular is a profession with many opportunities and great variety. UNIQA is also an innovative company that places great value on active participation. 

You mention the variety that comes with a job in sales. What else characterises the job description "insurance sales" in today's world?

Peter Humer: As UNIQA, we see it as our social responsibility to protect and improve health and prosperity through the power of our community. Our colleagues in the sales force in particular make an enormously valuable contribution to fulfilling this promise: they not only advise our customers on optimal insurance and provision, but also actively accompany them on the path to a better life. Sales is therefore more than just selling: It's about trust, about building a connection with people and working with them to create a personalised, useful safety net. In my opinion, that is the greatest privilege of this job - today, in a highly digitalised world, more than ever! 

Many companies are desperately looking for good employees. UNIQA is currently focussing on sales staff as part of an employing campaign. How can talented people be recruited for insurance sales?

Peter Humer: That's exactly what our current employer branding campaign is all about: we want to show that insurance sales offers an exciting, dynamic and multifaceted working environment. It deals with meaningful products and at the same time offers the opportunity to work independently and flexibly.  

In addition, UNIQA is a strong brand with many career options, in line with our motto #startyourbetter - especially for parents, because we offer very good opportunities to optimally combine work and family. Our flexitime system supports flexible working hours, tailored to personal needs. At the same time, both mothers and fathers can pursue a career with us - thanks to our hybrid training and further education programmes, there is no longer any need for long business trips and absences from everyday family life. And last but not least is another argument: the salary. Personal commitment and dedication pay off in sales - an important aspect for young talent too. 

Current emmployer branding campaign.

Employer Branding Visual

What do these training and further education opportunities in sales actually look like?

Peter Humer: A new world of work also requires new skills, which is why we place a special focus on the professional and personal development of our employees - the keyword here is lifelong learning. Our training concept with training courses on soft skills and specialist knowledge, as well as our own practical experience, provide the right tools for a wide range of career paths within the company. In addition, young people who are interested can also complete an apprenticeship as an insurance clerk with us and thus start their career in consulting. There are plenty of examples in sales where apprentices have made it to the head of a regional office. There is also nothing to stop young, successful sales talents from developing internally, especially in the direction of management and support staff. In recent months in particular, we have been able to observe this pleasing development.  

What role does regionality play in the search for new talent?

Peter Humer: A big one! We want to meet our customers where they are, close to home, in the world they live in. We are firmly convinced that this close local connection is the key to success. This is why we are always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our sales power - both in the countryside and in the city. We offer jobs with a home advantage, and employees benefit from their regional network. 

Sales in particular is a profession with many opportunities and great variety. In addition, UNIQA is an innovative company that places great value on active participation.

Peter Humer

However, UNIQA is not the only insurance company in Austria that is strongly represented in the regions. How does UNIQA differ from other insurers?   

Peter Humer: UNIQA's regional density cannot be compared with any other insurance company in Austria. It's an extra mile that sets us apart from the competition: UNIQA never stands still, we always try to think future-orientated, and offer services for health and well-being that go far beyond traditional insurance. We want to be a sustainable companion for our customers and also for their children and later grandchildren.

Does this also apply to career changers? What qualifications do interested parties need to have? 

Peter Humer: UNIQA welcomes all people who want to shape the future of the insurance world together with us. The industry from which interested parties come is rarely important. As an employer, we provide our new sales staff with comprehensive training and offer a very good onboarding programme to get to know the product landscape well. In addition, experienced colleagues support all new employees in a mentoring role. 

Finally, what do you think makes UNIQA a modern, attractive employer?

Peter Humer: At UNIQA, employees are in control of their own organisation options. As already mentioned, they can choose from flexible working models, for example, whereby both individual work and life needs are taken into account. Hybrid working is part of our everyday life and we are focussing on new ways of working that are gradually being implemented. It is equally important to us that all measures increase employee satisfaction and generally contribute to UNIQA's attractiveness as an employer. This also includes social factors, health aspects and a friendly, collegial corporate culture.  

Thank you very much for the interview.