Diversity and Inclusion

A community the size of our UNIQA community lives and works through diversity. Regardless of gender, age, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, world view or other differences, we value and respect each other. We are committed to the power of diversity and give no room to intolerance and exclusion. Therefore, at UNIQA we focus on structured support measures for diversity and inclusion in our community and put people at the centre of all our efforts. This approach makes UNIQA a place for personal growth, development and meaningful engagement. With us, everyone finds the right place to develop their full potential for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and the company. Living better together - for us, this credo is only credibly fulfilled when every gender, every nationality, every majority or minority in the UNIQA community has equal rights and the same opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Following the formal appointment of a Diversity & Inclusion Officer in 2020, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee was launched in 2021. Under the auspices of two Board members, its mission is to improve the embedding of diversity and inclusion in all areas and processes of the company and to ensure the implementation of our strategy in this regard. Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy forms the basis and framework for all our activities.

The following three specific goals have been defined:

  • Equal pay for work of equal value: By the end of 2023, the adjusted pay gap at the Austrian location will be reduced to well below 1%. In our second home market, CEE, we are focusing on our large national companies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and will also implement standardised and regular equal pay analyses and measures there by 2023.
  • More women in management positions: We have set ourselves the goal of increasing the share of women in higher positions in Austria in general and explicitly in management positions by 5 percentage points by 2023. With this goal, we want to achieve more gender diversity in higher-level functions and at all management levels.
  • UNIQA Inclusion Index: Employee feedback counts - we measure the success of our D&I strategy very significantly through the perception of our employees.

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