Social measures

Below are some examples of social measures.

Social day
UNIQA contributes to people in need to make life a bit easier. From 2013, employees can engage in social projects and get from the company an additional day per year free. The projects can be chosen freely and should be operated by official institutions or private initiatives that are in need of assistance. This can be for example: rest homes, orphanages, disabled facilities, Caritas, Red Cross, AIDS relief, shelter facilities or support groups.

Healthy lifestyle from childhood onwards
Convincing children of the importance of exercise, healthy nutrition and mental strength calls above all for patience, fun and role models. As the largest health insurer in Austria, UNIQA would like to be such a role model. UNIQA is committed through a variety of initiatives to promoting children’s health.

Fit aufwachsen Camp
UNIQA is looking to set new standards in the area of prevention through this day camp. Using innovative ideas, action, fun and motivation, the Fit aufwachsen Camp increases levels of health awareness in children and adults. Play and variety teach participants lots about exercise, nutrition and mental strength. 
Families can learn more about the Fit aufwachsen Camp at:

Simply achieve more with SIMPLY STRONG
The UNIQA foundation supports SIMPLY STRONG, a school association which promotes the panacea of physical exercise in schools and for studying at home. The SIMPLY STRONG website contains more than 430 online-tutorials with short, simple and effective exercises. Vital4Brain-exercises strengthen the ability to concentrate and the readiness to learn, while Vital4Heart-exercises counteract stress at school with relaxation exercises and mindfulness training. The start of SIMPLY STRONG’s third exercise programme, Vital4Body, is scheduled for autumn, 2019. Vital4Body will encompass physical exercises, which are designed to improve one’s strength, agility and stamina.

The UNIQA foundation provides contributions that allow the mobility programme to be offered for free for students, teachers and parents. It supports the initiative through non-cash benefits, sponsoring and training of coaches in all of Austria.
Teachers, students and parents can find more information about SIMPLY STRONG at:
Promotion of school sport
UNIQA has a strong commitment to school sport and provides decisive help for ensuring that our children find their way into sport.
Across Austria, the company supports: 

  • running in schools,
  • the school handball league for boys and girls – the UNIQA Handball Schulcup (School Cup),
  • the school football league for girls – the UNIQA MädchenfussballLIGA (Girls’ Football League),
  • the school volleyball league for boys – the UNIQA School Championships Boys, and
  • the school beach volleyball league for boys and girls – the UNIQA Schulbeach Cup (School Beach Cup).

Promotion of occupational health
With UNIQA VitalBilanz, UNIQA also supports occupational health management. Companies can choose from a catalogue of over 120 modules, including the UNIQA Mobile HealthCare Truck or VitalTruck. The mobile diagnostic facilities offer the opportunity to give employees a thorough examination without having to leave the premises. Only when they know about the health of their employees (and their companies) can employers implement targeted and effective measures. 

Exemption from premium payment for endowment insurance
The financial market crisis has affected many people. In response to this, UNIQA has created an opportunity for unemployed people to apply for exemption from premium payment for endowment insurance policies – while retaining full insurance coverage. This offer is subject to certain conditions and is in place for a limited time. 

Baby option
The youngest members of our society deserve special protection, and that includes insurance coverage. Therefore, regardless of the age at which parents bring their baby into the world and irrespective of whether the baby is healthy or ill, UNIQA will insure the baby in every case, without exception. The insurance coverage is valid from the first day and is even free of charge for the first year. 

We consider it an obligation to work only with suppliers that share our values. As a result, when choosing our partners, we make sure that they do not produce all their goods in low-wage countries. We also refer to certain standards, such as Fairtrade, and demand that suppliers hold corresponding certification. 
When we procure products, we give preference to those that score highly on environmental criteria – for example, through short transport distances, use of recycled materials, energy-saving production methods, low CO2 emissions during production, durability, ease of repair and so forth. 

Social sponsorship
In addition to our strategic measures, we frequently sponsor social projects, such as the mobile Caritas hospice, the Pink Ribbon campaign, the Red Cross, the St. Anna children’s hospital, the Light for the World campaign and others.