ESG Approach

We aim to consider ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors both for our insurance and investment business. 

What is ESG? 

The term ESG has entered common usage all over the world and describes the three areas of a company’s responsibility with regard to sustainability:

E stands for the environment (the climate, environmental pollution, biodiversity, etc.).
S refers to social impacts (human rights, occupational health and safety, diversity, etc.).
G means the rules, values and steering processes that make up sustainable (corporate) governance. 

Group ESG Board 

In 2021 we established an ESG Committee, which deals with environmental, social and governance issues within UNIQA. It is responsible for integrating and strengthening ESG aspects in insurance, investment and asset management activities. In addition, the Group ESG Committee also oversees the implementation of the group-wide climate strategy (including decarbonization) and the implementation of the group-wide environmental management.  

As part of our Non-financial Strategy the responsible Board Member / Head of Sustainability, Ethics & Public Affairs regularly report on the group-wide developments in the area of environmental, social and government related topics and issues. This is performed within the scope of this committee. 

The Group ESG Committee (ESGCO) represents an important element of the governance of UNIQA Group and was implemented to develop and maintain the Groups ESG-integration into our business, as well as to monitor the awareness of our stakeholders of environmental and social impact resulting from our engagement and business activities. 

For detailed information please see our UNIQA Sustainability Strategy .