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UNIQA making SEE a greener place

15.12.2022 2 minutes reading time

The successful transformation journey of the UNIQA SEE Region, consisting of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria, has been followed by a joint initiative of all colleagues: They planted a tree for each employee from the community and contributed to making the region a greener and better place.

The team of 1,700 professionals from the SEE region has been working dedicatedly for the past months to improve the organization, which after the transformation will become even faster and more agile in providing the highest quality service and support to clients. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the community in which our Group operates and contributes to a better quality of life in it.  

Our colleagues planted a tree for each employee from the region and 2,500 additional seedlings for all people in the local community as a symbol of the successful joint future, sustainable growth, and long-term investment in the SEE region, which constitutes the third largest Group of companies within UNIQA International.  

This socially responsible reforestation initiative has been inspired by the common values and culture shared by all employees for living better together. It follows the "UNIQA 3.0 - Seeding the Future" strategy, focusing on investing in the community, sustainable development, and promoting environmental protection. 

Tree planting

The initiative started in November in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a sunny day in nature boosted the excellent mood, the colleagues brought with them. In Serbia, the event was met with great enthusiasm. Trees were planted in three different locations with the valuable support of colleagues from sTech, a local UNIQA subsidiary. After that, trees were planted in Montenegro, where Montenegrin colleagues came out victorious after heavy rains. Planting trees provided help to a community affected by wildfires in 2021. In Bulgaria, a combination of perfect weather with a lot of joy and tremendous enthusiasm from the Bulgarian colleagues made for a perfect afternoon. The most dramatic tree planting event occurred in Croatia, where even bad weather and mud did not prevent the Croatian colleagues from planting trees in areas heavily affected by climate change.  

We believe that with this initiative, which is a gift for the future of all of us and which symbolizes the growth and development of our region, we will create a better place for all people and make our small contribution to environmental protection. With their enthusiasm and positive energy, our employees have shown how much they want to contribute, help protect and preserve the environment in which we live. Together we can achieve much more.

Adel Bahtanović, President of the SEE region  

Watch some impressions from the events in the following video: